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Hello photographers...
I found below tips inside  DIGITAL CAMERA MAGAZINE Issue 39.
Money making tips:
#1 Street Selling
#2 Wedding photography
#3 Promo photography
#4 Stock Libraries
Here, i'm gonna to share a few "contact" for STOCK LIBRARIES.
- Alamy (
You need to submit at least 4 hi-res images. Those are checked in detail to assure they meet the quality guidelines, and then the contributor can upload images as often as they want. Files must be 5000px and save as JPEG.

- Robert Harding (
You need to submit 150-300 images initially. Files to be minimum of 48-52MB, TIFF format, 8 bit, Adobe98 color space.

- Getty Images (
For initial submission you need to submit 50 images, once contract is agree you can submit unlimited photos. Files to be minimum of 50MB, TIFF format, 8-bit, Adobe98 color space
- Photolibrary (
50 images to unlimited, once contract agreed. Files to be minimum of 50MB, TIFF format, 8-bit, Adobe98 color space

- iStockphoto (
You can submit as many or as little as you want, around 20-150 images per day once contract agreed.1600x 1200 pixels or larger in JPEG formatsaved in sRGB.


Watch Malaysia's first photography web reality show Double Exposure and see how 30 amateur photography enthusiasts compete against each other to snatch the Grand Prize and be famous.

The web reality show is hosted by Nas' and Aishah Sinclair.

The objective of creating a photography web reality show contest is to create a platform for photography enthusiast to have the opportunity to learn more about photography and thereafter showcase their works. At the same time, the reality show also provides them a chance of a lifetime to be famous.


Hola, Post kali ni just nak share aku punya DSLR iaitu SONY ALPHA 200. Model ni adalah utk beginner dan ditagkan dlm kategori "Entry Level DSLR". Aku dah pakai A200 ni hampir setahun tapi shuttercount baru je 5000++. Last year tak banyak amik gambar, tahun ni start amik gambar lepas selalu join ngan IMHO photography. Thanks IMHO bcos invite me to follow u all. So, aku slalu follow IMHO Photography pegi Wedding Photoshoot, aku harap one day aku pun bleh jadi wedding photographer mcm IMHO Photography.
Selain tu, aku slalu shoot my lovely daughter (Eryna) ngan A200 nih.
Ok, back to Sony A200; diperkenalkan semasa CES2008. So below ni ada video dari youtube about Sony A200.

Hari ni berkesempatan ke Pulau Jerejak (Jerejak Spa and Resort) utk aktiviti team outing bagi department tempat aku kerja. So, sempat lah aku snap beberapa pics utk di share di sini. Antara aktiviti yg boleh dibuat disini; memanah, paintball, flying fox, beach soccer, beach volleyball, berbasikal, wall climbing, dan banyak lagi. Untuk pegi ke Pulau Jerejak, kena naik bot di Jeti yg terletak sebelum Queensbay, Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang. Perjalanan hanya mengambil masa dlm 20 minit, ni pun sebab bot dia sgt2 lah slow... Korang juga bleh nak tdo kat sini kalo berminat. Enjoy the pics.


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