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Hello photographers...
I found below tips inside  DIGITAL CAMERA MAGAZINE Issue 39.
Money making tips:
#1 Street Selling
#2 Wedding photography
#3 Promo photography
#4 Stock Libraries
Here, i'm gonna to share a few "contact" for STOCK LIBRARIES.
- Alamy (
You need to submit at least 4 hi-res images. Those are checked in detail to assure they meet the quality guidelines, and then the contributor can upload images as often as they want. Files must be 5000px and save as JPEG.

- Robert Harding (
You need to submit 150-300 images initially. Files to be minimum of 48-52MB, TIFF format, 8 bit, Adobe98 color space.

- Getty Images (
For initial submission you need to submit 50 images, once contract is agree you can submit unlimited photos. Files to be minimum of 50MB, TIFF format, 8-bit, Adobe98 color space
- Photolibrary (
50 images to unlimited, once contract agreed. Files to be minimum of 50MB, TIFF format, 8-bit, Adobe98 color space

- iStockphoto (
You can submit as many or as little as you want, around 20-150 images per day once contract agreed.1600x 1200 pixels or larger in JPEG formatsaved in sRGB.

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  1. RMY-Abelitokjoro said...
    salam dari abeli.. photografer yang baru belajar... kadang2 malu nak mengaku photo grafer... abeli tengok.. phot.. menarik anggle pun menarik... gambar sharp... cantik... jengok la blog abeli tinggalkan komen membina... sebagai panduan abeli...

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